Lillian Williams has a feisty attitude, a smart mouth and demands respect from everyone; despite having a little self-image problem because she has a few extra pounds. She believes everyone is worthy of a second chance and to be forgiven for their mistakes.
Xavier James knows who he is. He’s a damaged man and he only needs women for two things: to dance in his club and to bend over his desk.

X~Treme Confusion   Amazon

“5 fabulous stars!!!!! X and Lilly are some of my absolute favorites. He’s such an alpha male it’s not even funny. But he’s sooooo hot! Love Lilly and her take no cap attitude. She’s beautiful inside and out. Do not miss these books friends! Such an amazing story!” -Lindsey K.


Hot action.
Several twists.
A few WTF moments.
A few tears.
Some angry words.
A woman finally finding her breaking point.
A man fighting to keep what’s his.

♡Love, lust, understanding, betrayal, and forgiveness. ♡

X~Treme Lies    Amazon


“Holy hell, what can I say? You want to beat the crap out of Xavier for being an butt and then you can’t help but falling in love with his hot, loving, Alpha ways. Lilly, with her, tough, sassy,ass kicking, I’m not going take your crap,is the kind of woman that I truly want to be.”


Xavier Loves Lilly is a novella that is to be read after X~Treme Confusion and X~Treme Lies.

In this short story, you will spend Valentine’s Day with Xavier and Lilly James. Xavier has planned a day full of love and surprises for Lilly. From the moment she wakes up, he showers her with fourteen acts of love and a few gifts that he put a lot of thought in to show her how much she means to him.

Join them for a day full of love, laughs, and lust.

Xavier Loves Lilly, a novella  Amazon 

“You’ve just gotta love a man who puts thought into making his woman feel special! ❤
I love that we get to see this side of Xavier in this novella. It really lets me know more about the character (which I love!) and makes them more real to me.” -Nicole B.


Katrina & Eric Wilson is a fun loving couple who isn’t afraid to try new things sexually.

Katrina, aka Kat, has always had a fantasy of being pleasured by two men at once, but the love she has for her husband and marriage have made her keep the fantasy a secret…

Or so she thought.

Eric is a loving husband that will give Katrina anything she wants, even the fantasy of having two men at once, but it has to be with the right guy.

A guy that will worship his wife like he does.
A man that will put off his satisfaction until Katrina has been fully pleasured.
A man that will respect her once everything is said and done.

Brantley Harrison is a young, gorgeous model on the road to huge success. He had three goals after high school.

Serve his country.
Become a successful model and then settle down with the woman of his dreams and have a family of his own.
He thought he found the right girl for that, but he isn’t sure anymore.

Then he encounters an older woman that’s unlike any other he has met, and that meeting leads to a friendship he will need when his world falls apart.

Her Wicked Fantasy.  Amazon

“I absolutely fell in love with this book! This book is does contain really hot sex scenes but the story line is about so much more. The depth that the author writes about each character from the main ones to the secondary ones brings them to life. The friendships, relationship, interaction with each other is make the characters easy to relate to. If you want a well written story with a great plot that also contains some action, comedy, romance, a little suspense along with the hot and steamy sex scenes then this is a must read!” -Victoria

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